AC drives for top crane applications

The AC drives CR700 from Yaskawa balance the hoist application to perfection. Innovative design advantages of the drives enable you to lower initial investment for factory construction, increase your productivity, lower the efforts for daily maintenance and reduce energy consumption.

Exploit supreme features for excellent solutions

Continuous improvements of the key functions for crane applications has won the trust of Yaskawa customers for over 30 years. The unique enhanced dedicated crane functions are their pride in cranes.

With help of the supreme AC drives functions, you will be able to handle all the precious goods transported with the crane with utmost care. As smoothly, as handling containers with your hands!

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Control the position synchronously with the AC drives

The CR700 boasts an outstanding master-follower position control as its key function. It is indispensable for your applications in which multiple motors that are not mechanically connected require synchronous and precise position control. The target and actual value of the motor shaft position are constantly monitored and compared by the speed and position control functions. At the same time, they also ensure super precise tandem operation.

  • Master-follower position control
  • Super precise tandem applications
  • Speed controlled positioning
  • Built-in control features, so no external controller is needed
  • Automatic cessation of operation in case of position deviation

Prevent swaying

The anti-sway function of the CR700 AC drives improves the efficiency and safety in the crane’s long and cross travel applications. You will be able to position the load faster and easier by minimizing horizontal load sway. This intelligent function supports the crane operator and reduces maintenance costs by reducing wear.

  • Reduced accidents and damage caused by load sway
  • Operating without external anti-sway sensors
  • No motor encoder necessary
  • Improved crane productivity and efficiency
  • Applicable for the crane’s long and cross travel

Optimize cycle times of the crane

The light load function allows you to optimize cycle times of the crane by adjusting the hoist speed according to the weight of the load. Operation speed is automatically switched to maximum when a light load is detected, consequently minimizing hoist operating time and increasing productivity.

  • Detect load
  • Automatically adjust operation speed
  • Shorten cycle time
  • Increase hoist efficiency

Other useful features of AC drives for your crane application

Build your crane application even easier and more convenient with the following features and functions:

The CR700 is optimized to combine the required power gained from all travel drives to overcome friction forces during travel in Open Loop Vector Control.

This feature prevents you to overload one motor due to an unbalanced load and minimizes the risk of mechanical wear by distributing the load impact across multiple drives.

  • Reduces costs and the risk of encoder failure
  • Prevents unbalanced load and motor overload
  • Reduces mechanical friction and crane wear
  • Enables smooth and precise travel acceleration
AC drives CR700 Yaskawaload balance without encoder

In applications with long hoisting distance, the rope length detection function supports the crane operator to work more safely by sharing the information about actual load position.

  • Prevents operation range mismatch
  • Monitors hook and load position
  • Improves hoist safety
  • Monitors travel limit
AC drives CR700 Yaskawa wire length

Monitors for preventive maintenance increase crane safety and product availability.

You can easily access all drive lifetime monitors via keypad operator or network communication. Schedule preventive maintenance before fault happens with the help of these comprehensive service functions.

  • Number of run commands
  • Drive and cooling fan operation time
  • Capacitor, IGBT and SoftCharge relay lifetime
  • Drive temperature
  • Actual operation peak load
AC drives CR700 Yaskawa maintenance monitor

The travel limit sensor connected to the drive prevents the overrun and overwinding outside the defined working area.

  • Defined working area limits
  • Anti-collision measures supported
AC drives CR700 Yaskawa travel limit

The number of run commands and brake release commands are monitored by the programmable counter.

An alarm is triggered when the number reaches the operation value. This allows the maintenance team to schedule a timely preventive maintenance of the mechanical brake.

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Reduce brake wear
  • Increase brake safety and reliability
AC drives CR700 Yaskawa brake command

The CR700 AC drivers feature an intuitively designed keypad and tactile user interface for a user-friendly programming experience. Self-guiding navigation menus and start-up wizards make programming and set-up faster and easier than ever. With DriveWizard Mobile the drive can easily be managed and controlled from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Designed for 10 years of maintenance-free operation
  • Real-time clock
  • Automatic parameter backup function
  • Advanced keypad and start-up wizard navigation
  • Parameter setting up to 4 motors
  • Copy function
  • Micro SD storage
  • High-resolution display
  • Optional LCD keypad with Bluetooth connectivity
AC drives CR700 Yaskawa customer friendly

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AC drives CR700 Yaskawa for crane applications

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