ADW Series Drives with Analog Input

ADW Series Drives from R.T.A. are compact drives with analog input for easy connection to your PLC. Benefit from them especially in applications where you want to ensure accurate speed control while saving 70% space compared with traditional AC Asynchronous sets.

ADW Series Drives for reliable operation

Use the ADW series drives with an analog input wherever you want to ensure accurate speed control. These RTA drives are designed to control both standard and industrial stepper motors, with flange sizes from 42 mm (NEMA 17) to 86 mm (NEMA 34).

There are two versions of ADW drive controllers available:

  • ADW 94 and ADW 04 are smaller drives that you can use for smaller stepper motors of lower power and currents 0.65-2.0 A,
  • ADW 96 and ADW 06 are larger drives that you can use for larger stepper motors of higher power and currents 1.9-6.0 A.

Both versions are available either in a metal housing (ADW 94 and ADW 96) or as an open frame (ADW 04 and ADW 06).

RTA ADW series drives

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Wide range of control and operation modes

RTA ADW series drives operation modes

You can regulate the speed of the stepper motor in 3 ways:

  • Analog voltage input (you can select the range 0-5 V DC or 0-10 V DC)
  • External potentiometer powered by a drive controller
  • Internal speed setting

The ADW series drives feature 4 operation modes:

  • Run mode
  • CW/CCW (Jog)
  • Start/Stop mode
  • Limit Switch mode

Use them in a wide variety of applications

Take advantage of ADW series drives in:

  • Any speed-regulated application with variable or preset velocity setting
  • Applications where you manually move or adjust the position of a specific part of the device
  • Conveyors for single-belt transport or multi-belt transport with high-precision position/speed synchronization
  • Jog or adjustment movements
ADW Series Drives application

The advantages that will impress you

RTA ADW series drives advantages

Stepper motor drives have many advantages over conventional converters and AC asynchronous sets:

  • Broader and more accurate speed range: 0.8-2000 rpm
  • Zero-deviation motor speed control at any speed, regardless of load, inertia or friction
  • The motors automatically act as brake at zero speed
  • Easy multi-axis synchronization in position and speed
  • No need for worm gearbox due to the high-torque at low rotation speed range (0-400 rpm)
  • Smaller dimension: the overall size of the drive < 1/3 compared with traditional AC Asynchronous sets
  • Lower weight

Benefit from simplicity, robustness and precision

  • Easily connect ADW series drives to Unitronics, YASKAWA VIPA and other drives via the analog PLC output
  • Easily set the values of stepper motor’s current via the dip-switches without PC connection
  • Ensure excellent resistance to interference with the opto-isolated digital inputs; there are input signals for speed, direction, stop, start and current off
  • The electronics of the drive is in a robust metal housing, without moving parts for cooling (fans)
  • Ensure safe operation with integrated over-voltage, short-circuit and thermal protection
  • Drives have a 2-year warranty
RTA ADW series drives advantages

Check out technical features of ADW Series Drives

RTA ADW series drives tech features
  • Operating voltage range: 24–75 V DC
  • Current range: 0.65-6 A with easy current setting via dip-switches
  • Wide speed range: 0.8-2000 rpm. Continuous operation zone up to approx. 400 rpm
  • 64 internally selectable preset speeds
  • 0-5 V DC or 0-10 V DC selectable analog command range
  • Low & High-speed motion profiles
  • Adjustable internal acceleration/deceleration ramp
  • Voltage source for potentiometer available at connector
  • “Auto-stop” function
  • Opto-insulated digital inputs
  • Sync-out for multi-axis synchronization
  • Over-voltage, short-circuit and thermal protection

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RTA ADW series drives

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