Heavy-duty incremental encoder

Robust Incremental encoder from NorthStar for the toughest environments.

Take advantage of extremely robust incremental encoders

Robust Incremental encoder for the toughest environments. With the acquisition of the American company NorthStar in the Danaher Group, Hengstler can now offer extremely robust incremental encoders to the European market.

Their advantages are extremely resistant housing, high IP protection, high number of pulses per turn and unbreakable coding disk.

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Use them in applications in unfriendly environments

Incremental encoder NorthStar

They offer high resistance to shocks and vibrations, wide operational temperature range, wide choice of housing and axle dimensions, choice of explosion-proof designs, connection with industrial connectors or cables, possibility of redundant outputs, wide voltage range (5-26 V).

These robust incremental encoders are useful in many areas where they can come into contact with unfriendly environments: construction machinery, steel and paper industry, oil industry, port facilities and oil rigs.

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Incremental encoder NorthStar

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