Machine vision for collaborative robots

Photoneo – a manufacturer of solutions for 3D robotic vision and machine vision for collaborative robots, has been certified by the manufacturer of collaborative robots Universal Robots.

Certified machine vision for collaborative UR robots

The certificate was awarded to the Photoneo Locator, which is based on the 3D scanner for machine vision Photoneo PhoXi. With this certification, Photoneo Locator has joined the diverse products covered in the Universal Robots UR + platform.

UR + is a platform that includes a wide range of tested and validated products for working with collaborative Universal Robots. These products are characterized by fast integration, easy programming and reliable operation.

machine vision for collaborative robots

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Bin picking and machine vision for collaborative robots

machine vision for collaborative robots

Photoneo’s Locator solution combines user-friendly software for locating and picking up objects in space and the 3D PhoXi machine vision system. The combination is great for use in a variety of environments to perform bin-picking applications.

The solution is based on the perception of objects based on their CAD models and thus determining their position and orientation in space. Easy integration and connection and calibration with Universal Robots are provided by the included software tool for performing calibration.

In addition to bin-picking applications, the system is also suitable for locating objects in the process of assembling various products, painting, applying glue, etc.

Example of adhesive application and assembly application with Photoneo Locator

Product localization

Product selection and relocation

Glue application


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