is world leader in manufacturer-independent versioning and change management software.

AUVESY-MDT helps you achieve additional efficiency and cost reduction through predictive maintenance and data-driven decision making.


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octoplant ensures data consistency and greater protection in production plants. This modular software platform offers comprehensive asset and device management as well as backups, adapted to the individual challenges of customers’ industrial plant.

It backs up, versions and compares data from a wide range of automation devices such as PLCs (e.g., TIA Portal), robots, HMIs, CNCs, SCADA systems and workstations, and many more.

Business intelligence (BI) enables consistent data evaluation, unlocking valuable insights.

Seamless compliance management and reliable threat protection guarantee comprehensive protection for the plant – the optimal combination of OT and IT!

AUVESY-MDT octoplant

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AUVESY GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and uses a ZDH-ZERT GmbH audited quality management system.

In this way, they ensure the first-class quality of their products and services and provide their customers and partners with proof of competence and performance.

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Use octoplant across Industries

AUVESY-MDT applications

octoplant empowers industrial enterprises to gain a holistic perspective on all automation backup procedures encompassing both OT and IT. Its deployment extends across various sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Food & Beverage,
  • Automotive & Transportation,
  • Pharmaceutical & Life Science,
  • Oil, Gas and Energy,
  • Water, Wastewater and Utilities,
  • Mining, Metal and Materials,
  • Consumer Goods,
  • OEM, and much more.

More about AUVESY-MDT

Since 1987, AUVESY-MDT has amassed valuable experience and expertise across numerous industries. With this know-how, this German company is excellently positioned to efficiently and purposefully accompany customers worldwide on their journey towards greater safety in automated production.

AUVESY-MDT makes automated production safer and keeps it running for 3,000+ customers around the globe, spanning 8 different industries. They have 100+ long-standing partners in over 50 countries.

More than 165 employees across 3 locations – Landau (Germany), Alpharetta (Georgia, U.S.A) and Nanjing (China) – AUVESY-MDT secures automation for some of the world’s best-known brands.

In times of disruptive change, AUVESY-MDT offers security and stability with its innovative and constantly evolving product, octoplant.  This product accompanies customers’ transformation towards the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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