Top-quality Switching Power Supply

High-quality switching power supplies from MEAN WELL are characterised by reliability, serviceability, and durability, at a relatively affordable price.

Large range of products for a wide variety of application

 MEAN WELL is one of the world’s few manufacturers dedicated to standard power supply products. In almost 40 years, the company has become the world’s leading manufacturer of switching power supplies.

Their entire product range includes over 10.000 models, which allows a large selection and options for all types of applications.

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Product lines meeting different application requirements

Mean Well switching power supplies
  • for a range of applications, providing diversified power supply specifications.
  • high efficiency, low power loss, robust design with a high level of protection.
  • modified sinus and true sinus, 100-3000 W.
  • highly reliable and stable, 5-1000 W.
  • charge lead-acid and Lithium-ion batteries, 120-8000 W.

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Mean Well switching power supplies

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