In-Sight 2000 series Color Vision Sensor

The  In-Sight 2000 series color vision sensor from Cognex encompasses the lighting, sensing and processing part of the image system. It consists of a built-in camera, processor and a high-performance circular LED light that emits diffused light for even illumination throughout the image and eliminates the need for outdoor lighting. The sensor features a modular design that allows different combinations of lighting, lenses and connectors.

Leading Color Vision Sensor

The processing of the captured image is performed in the In-Sight software environment and includes a range of location, control, measurement and counting tools and algorithms. Easy and fast graphical programming is possible via the In-Sight Explorer EasyBuilder interface.

In addition to a reliable software package and modular design and flexibility of communication protocols, the vision sensor is easy to install and configure, and thus ideal for optical control of simple applications.

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Provide reliable, fast and easy control of applications

In-Sight 2000 Color Vision Sensor Cognex

In addition to presence, location, and quantity control algorithms, color models include color detection. Sensor hardware with image resolution up to 800 * 600, 2x magnification and capture of 55 images / second, in conjunction with a powerful software package, provides reliable, fast and easy control of applications.

All models are compatible with Cognex VisionView software and the VisionView 900 HMI touch screen, for easy checking of results and adjustment of settings.

Features of Cognex In-Sight 2000 series vision sensor models

In-Sight 2000 Color Vision Sensor Cognex
In-Sight 2000 Color Vision Sensor Cognex

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