Top-quality Joysticks and Control Stations

High quality joysticks and control stations from Spohn + Burkhardt are adapted to your individual requirements as this is the only way to guarantee safe, state-of-the-art and reliable use.

Quality that convinces

Joysticks and control stations from SPOHN + BURKHARDT a leading German manufacturer, are synonym for quality. We are pleased to announce that Tipteh has taken over the distribution of their products in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. Products from Spohn + Burkhardt are well known for their long service life, wide temperature range and high IP protection.

Joysticks are equipped with directional switches, potentiometers, analog outputs and support for various data buses (CAN, HS2, Profibus and ProfiNet). Certain models are equipped with Hall sensors, the latest versions with a wear-free 3D Hall sensor system.

Joysticks and control stations SPOHN + BURKHARDT

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Advanced technologies for innovative products


You will be able to use industrial joysticks from  Spohn + Burkhardt in all sectors from agriculture to transport engineering, e.g., in crane control applications, conveyors and various construction agricultural and forestry machinery. They can be used wherever manual control of machine movement is performed.

Deck joysticks are designed to control ship speed and direction and to adjust the winches. The “Railway Professional” series is intended for the management of trains and trams, as well as for the high-precision control of wheelchairs and other aids.

Control stations and resistors

Spohn + Burkhard also manufactures comfortable and ergonomic control stations. They are equipped with comfortable seats and a variety of individual adjustment possibilities. All settings can be stored with the memory function, which makes work in shift operation easier.

Spohn + Burkhard is also well known for their brake resistors and load resistors that are of the highest quality and with a long service life. They are basically non-wearing and replacement of individual components is possible at all times.

Control stations and resistors SPOHN + BURKHARDT

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Control devices Spohn + Burkhardt

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