Inductive coupler for IO-Link signals

Turck’s inductive coupler enables contactless transmission of IO-Link control signals and power. NIC inductive couplers are an ideal replacement in applications where the contact elements are subject to severe wear (slip rings, brushes,…), as they do not wear, due to contactless transmission. The inductive coupler consists of a primary part on the control side and a secondary part on the sensor side of the connection.

Connection to IO-Link module

In case the primary unit is connected to the IO-Link master module, two-way communication can take place between the IO-Link sensors and the master module. In combination with the Turck TBIL IO-link Hub, it is possible to identify the type of tool on the robot tool changer, as the worker can send his ID number to the controller via IO-Link.

The inductive coupler in combination with the IO-Link distributor, enables the transmission of up to 8 PNP switching signals with 0.5 A current or 12 W output power over 7 mm distance

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Technical specifications

Typical use of inductive couplers is in internal rail transport systems, gearboxes and rollers.

They can also be used where high speed is required or short cycle time such as e.g. index tables or robotic gearboxes, as the secondary side is operational in just 10 milliseconds.

Inductive coupler Turck

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Inductive coupler Turck

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