Capacitive sensors with easy adjustment

Latest capacitive sensors of the BCT series from Turck allow you to easily adjust the switching distance during operation using the control system. Easily parameterize the sensor by pressing the integrated pushbutton!

Reliably detect presence and mesure limit levels

Capacitive sensors are used in industrial automation to detect the presence of objects and for the limit level measurement of liquids. They can reliably detect all solids, bulk goods, liquids, metals and non-metals. As they are non-contact, reaction-free and work through container walls, there is no wear.

Sensing range is a distance up to which the sensor can detect the presence of differnt media. We set it with the help of amplification, which depends on the dielectric constant of the media we want to detect. Detection is also possible through non-metals, assuming that the dielectric constant of the media is significantly greater than constant of the material through which the detection is performed.

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Take advantage of easy adjustment

Turck’s latest capacitive sensors are from the BCT series. Their main advantage over the competition is the simple adjustment of the switching distance during operation using the control system.

Flexible and simple parameterization is possible by pressing the integrated pushbutton on the sensor. The same is possible via a teach adapter or the IO-Link interface.

The BCT series is available as a classic cylindrical NC/NO switch or as S18 and S30 versions.

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Capacitive sensors BCT series Turck

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