High-performance ultrasonic sensors

Turck’s comprehensive RU-U ultrasonic sensor series features short blind zones, large measuring ranges and a wide range of parameter options. You’ll be able to cover large sensing ranges with fewer sensor variants.

Increased sensing ranges for fewer sensor variants

The RU-U ultrasonic sensor series from Turck boasts large sensing ranges with fewer sensor variants, thus effectively reducing the range of variants required for stock-keeping. This is made possible by the particularly short blind zones of the sensors, which offer large sensing ranges at the same time – for example with a 40 cm range the blind zone is only 2.5 cm.

The High-End versions can be operated as a switch and as an analog sensor. Different operating modes, temperature compensation or the output function can also be set via IO-Link.

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The main advantages of the RU-U ultrasonic sensor series

Large measuring range

New sonic transducers enable ultrasonic sensors to cover longer distances: up to 1.30 m in M18 and up to 3 m in M30 version. The latter no longer needs an enlarged transducer head. This increases the options available in existing applications and enlarges the application range.

The RU ultrasonic sensors series is compatible with previous series of Turck’s ultrasonic sensors thanks to extremely short blind zones (e.g., only 2.5 cm in the M18 version with 40 cm range). Even objects very close to the sensor can be reliably detected. A shorter blind zone also improves the possibilities for mounting
and effective object detection.

The robust metal cylindrical housing with continuous threaded barrel is particularly short and has a built-in metal M12 connector on the back. The strength of the housing does not impair performance in demanding conditions, even low temperatures are not a problem. The thread runs over the entire length of the sensor so that the mounting position can be varied.

The smooth sonic transducer front of the sensors reliably prevents contamination and the formation of particle deposits. The mechanical movement of the membrane shakes off deposits and thus cleans itself. Particle deposits that can occur can be simply wiped off completely. Therefore there is no damage arising from sharp and pointed cleaning objects.

For easy and intuitive parameter setting without a PC, all M18 and M30 sensors are equipped with a teach-in function which can be implemented via pin 5. The start of switch and measuring ranges can thus be set without external software. The teach-in is carried out either via the teach adapter or via sensor variants with integrated pushbuttons. The setting must be made inside a fixed time window, otherwise it is not valid, which reliably excludes the possibility of the sensor settings from being accidentally changed. The devices of the M18 compact design also have a teach input on PIN 2, which makes this series 100% downward compatible with the previous series.

In addition to setting via the teach-in function, the High-End variants with a switch and analog output can also be parameterized via the version 1.1 IO-Link interface. The devices can be configured in different operating modes. Additional settings include time and temperature compensation. Temperature compensation can be performed with an internal or external temperature sensor. This eliminates the influence of temperature on the measurement. On ultrasonic sensors with analog output, an ascending or descending characteristic can be set, and on switching sensors, hysteresis. If we set the sensor to two digital output mode, we can set NPN/PNP and NO/NC mode for each. In case we have several devices installed in the same environment, we can set the synchronization mode or multiplexed mode to avoid mutual influence. The process value can be read with a 16-bit resolution at a speed of 38,400 points via supported COM2 communication.

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RU-U ultrasonic sensor series Turck

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