Safety light curtains Leuze

Safety curtains MLC from Leuze now with even more features

Ensure high safety, system availability and productivity

MLC safety light curtains from the  German company Leuze  differ from other light curtains on the market in that the user not only chooses between type 2 and type 4 (MLC 500 or MLC 300), but also has a choice between three different types of operation:

  • Basic operation
    • start/restart
  • Standard operation
    • start/restart with mediation
  • Extended operation
    • possibility of temporary allowed access (muting)
    • possibility to turn off selected beams (blanking)
    • device connection (linkage)
Safety light curtains MLC Leuze

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Guard horizontally or vertically

Safety light curtains MLC Leuze applications

Leuze safety light curtains can be used vertically as hand and finger protection, as access guarding as well as horizontally as area protection. With respect to integration capability, availability and cost effectiveness, they meet the highest requirements.

It is also worth mentioning the design of curtains based on simplicity and compactness. This can be seen not only from the thin (29 x 35 mm) and solid patent, but also from the multitude of various fasteners that facilitate installation work.

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Safety light curtains MLC Leuze

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