RFID Turck modules

Achieve fast system connection to Ethernet and make secure network, system and data connect your priority.

Read data quickly from RFID tags

Turck introduces the new compact RFID interface modules TBEN-L and TBEN-S in IP67 protection for connecting radio frequency identification systems to an Ethernet network. Data read from UHF or HF readheads is transferred to the controller via the PROFINET, Ethernet / IP or Modbus TCP protocol via a multi-protocol module.

In addition to reading heads, additional sensors and actuators can also be connected to the module, so the module is very suitable for renovating existing devices. The IP67 protection of the module enables a version without a switch cabinet, which simplifies the installation and wiring of the system.

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Integrate the module with ease

Turck RFID module scheme

Compact TBEN-S RFID module simplifies integration with the PLCs, as data is transmitted directly via conventional I/O mappings to the controller. Writing function blocks is no longer necessary. In addition to the 2 heads for identification, additional 4 sensors or actuators can be connected to the TBEN-S module via universal digital I/O.

Despite the small width of only 32 mm, TBEN-S-RFID interfaces offer sufficient performance. The ability to detect more than 100 UHF media can be done as quickly and easily as reading and writing 8 KB HF media. Power supply and network connection are made via M8 connectors.

Use one of the Ethernet protocols

The TBEN-L variant of the module, which is programmed with the CoDeSys package, is slightly larger but also contains controller functions, so it can already process the obtained RFID data locally and control the connected peripherals.

In CoDeSys, you can configure the TBEN-LX-4RFID-8DXP-CDS module to one of the Ethernet communication protocols – PROFINET, Ethernet / IP or Modbus TCP. The TBEN-L runs on an 800 Mhz CPU that accesses 128 MB of DDR3-RAM. In addition, it also has 256 MB of flash memory. TBEN-L modules are connected to Ethernet via an M12 connector, and power is supplied via a 7/8 ″ port.

TBEN-L module Turck

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RFID module Turck

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