Two-hand control panel Schmersal

Two-hand control panel from Schmersal is used to ascertain that intervention by the operator in dangerous moving processes is avoided when a machine or plant has been started. Such control panel is the preferred protection devices for use in setting-up work and single-stroke operations for feed and removal processes.

Start hazardous processes safely with two-hand control panel

Two-hand control panel from Schmersal requires the simultaneous use of both hands for its actuation. By virtue of its forced location, both hands are kept out of the area of danger. In order to start the dangerous operation of a machine, the location of the hands is controlled as long as danger is present.

The control panel must meet all ergonomic requirements so that its prolonged use does not tire the machine operator. The control panels are available in metal or plastic. They can be equipped with electromechanical, capacitive or optical keys, or they can be without them.

Two-hand control panel Schmersal

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Choose the perfect accessory for control panel

Two-hand control panel Schmersal

Two-hand control panels Schmersal feature:

  • Thermoplastic enclosure
  • 2 black operating buttons (positioning parts) Ø 55
  • 1 Emergency Stop button in thermoplastic version
  • Stand and wall mounting possible
  • 2 part enclosure

As accessories, various metal bases are available, which can be equipped with a spacer ring or they can be heigth-adjustable. They can have additional foot switches. Safety relay modules for two-hand control panels are also available.

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Two-hand control panel Schmersal

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