Hybrid safety I/O module for classic and safety signals

Turck presents the TBPN hybrid safety I/O module, on which you can combine standard and safety I/O signals in one unit. The IP67 Profinet/Profisafe hybrid safety module can be easily adapted to the requirements of each device. The installation of the module requires little space and is affordable.

Flexible hybrid safety module

A hybrid safety I/O module for safety applications with PROFIsafe over PROFINET, provides two safety SIL3-inputs (FDI) for connecting e.g. safety light curtain  or emergency-stop sbuttons. Additionally, two safety channels can be used either as inputs or outputs.

The four universal inputs/outputs for connecting non-safety-related signals can switch up to 2 A. Two of the I/Os can also be connected as IO-Link masters. In combination with Turck’s IO-link hubs, you can connect up to 32 additional I/Os .

Hybrid module

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Get to know the specifications

hybrid safety I/O module Turck

Both the standard and an IO-Link channel of the TBPN module can be disconnected internally for safety-related applications, thus significantly simplifying the wiring of auxiliary drives and valve blocks.

This robust safety module has been developed for an extended temperature range from -40 °C to +70 °C. The IP65/IP67 IP69K protection housing allows the module to be used in the harshest environments.

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