Most accurate DPM code reading

Advanced 2-D code reading algorithms using PowerGrid technology from Cognex can correctly read 2-D codes even when vital elements are missing or damaged. With this technology, you can now expect increased read rates and decoding robustness far above current performance expectations also for DPM codes.

Decipher challenging DPM codes

You can now read DPM (Direct Part Marked) code permanently marked directly on a part even more reliably with Cognex’s PowerGrid technology. Cognex, the world’s leading machine vision company, has announced its Powergrid technology, combining texture and shape for best-in-class 2-D code reading. The algorithm is a unique, inside-out approach to decoding 2D matrix DPM codes.

While ordinary algorithms begin to decode the code by searching for the finder (i.e., “L” pattern), the PowerGrid technology searches for a pattern of alternating light and dark code modules. This 2-D code-reading algorithm enables the highest DataMatrix barcode read rates for industrial applications, including automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical supply chain and logistics applications.

DPM code reading, PowerGrid technology Cognex

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Exploit extremely powerful technology

DPM code reading, PowerGrid technology Cognex

Cognex analyzed the decoding algorithms and found that a high percentage of failed reads was due to the non-recognition of the finder (i.e., locator pattern, “L”) or a quiet zone (margin) around the code.

They developed a technique that can find and decode directly marked parts without relying on the finder “L”. The result is nothing short of amazing.

Find and decode even the worst DPM codes

PowerGrid drastically increases the performance of reading 2-D matrix DPM codes, where the geometry of the labeled product, poor lighting, optical barriers, or engraving errors make it difficult to capture an image of the entire code.

PowerGrid successfully finds and decodes codes even when vital elements are missing or damaged.

DPM code reading, PowerGrid technology Cognex

DPM code reading available with code readers DataMan

You can now benefit from this technology in your industrial applications as well. You can find the amazing Cognex PowerGrid technology in the “X” models of DataMan 150, DataMan 260 and DataMan 300 code readers.

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