High-performance DPM barcode verifier

A high-performance DataMan 8072V barcode verifier is designed for all applications in which a powerful and reliable solution that allows you to demonstrate code quality compliance to industry standardization guidelines. It generates a code-quality assessment report for easier maintenance of high labeling quality.

Handheld reader for the toughest conditions

The handheld barcode verifier DataMan 8072V features extremely fast processing and a high-resolution camera for capturing and evaluating even the most challenging and damaged barcodes.

The verifier is also packed with powerful lighting options and state-of-the-art algorithms. Together with DataMan Setup Tool software the verifier deliver great results, time and time again.

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Illuminate codes on all surfaces

Barcode verifier Cognex DataMan 8072V

As the only DPM code verifier on the market, it offers you 30/45/90-degree lighting angle options, enabling you to illuminate codes on textured, curved and even highly reflective surfaces.

The verifier also combines an end-user-friendly format for easy handling and proven software for fast and reliable reading and evaluation of the most demanding codes.

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Barcode verifier Cognex DataMan 8072V

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