Ensure contlactless quality control with scanCONTROL

The Micro-Epsilon laser scanner scanCONTROL was developed specifically for detection, measurement and evaluation of 2D/3D profiles on different object surfaces without contact. Benefit from this top-performance profile sensor in the world with respect to accuracy and measuring rate.

Choose among 4 models

The available laser scanner scanCONTROL models are suitable for numerous industrial applications. The integrated intelligence in their sensor head (scanCONTROL SMART) solves versatile measurement tasks. You can benefit from the laser scanner wherever product quality is of utmost importance and you want to provide continuous measurement during the production process.

The best profile resolution of the scanner can be up to 2 µm, and the scanned surface width up to 100 mm.

Laser scanner with a red laser diode is suitable for a wide range of common applications.

Laser scanners with blue laser line are preferably used for profile measurements on red-hot glowing metals, as well as transparent and organic surfaces.

The fastest version allows you to capture as many as 4000 profiles per second (a profile frequency of 4000 Hz), while the regular versions allow you to capture up to 300 profiles per second.

This sensor performs the measurement, evaluation and output in standalone mode. Due to integrated evaluation, no external controller is required. The scanner directly controls the operation of your machine via digital outputs or communication protocols.

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Check the quality of your products

The laser scanner is suitable for checking the quality of products during the manufacturing process, but you can also use it as a precision laboratory instrument. Recently, the control of robotic arms with the help of data provided by a laser scanner has also become very popular.

A special version for gap detection is available, intended for tracking and advanced measurement of gaps and crevices.

Other possible use cases

  • Find the edge points of the profile and determine the coordinates
  • Measure angles on the profile
  • Detect defects: pores/pin holes, arches, dents
  • Measure size or dimensions of the hole
  • Measure shape of the weld or the application of adhesive beads

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laser scanner scanCONTROL Micro-Epsilon

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