Cylindrical throughbeam sensor

Leuze electronic cylindrical 412B photoelectric sensor is a great choice for applications where there is not much space available. In the field of switching optical sensors the cylindrical photoelectric M12 sensor will also convince you with its compactness and slim metal design.

Perfect for use in limited spaces

Leuze cylindrical 412B photoelectric M12 sensor is housed in a very robust, short and extremely compact M12 metal housing. The sensor will serve you well in applications where space is tight, e.g., in mounting and handling technology or packaging technology, but you will also be able to use it in other automation processes.

The engineers at Leuze put a lot of effort into the improved performance of the series. The photoelectric sensor boasts great range, fast response time and glass optics. Extremely powerful laser models and models with NPN outputs were also added. They also focused on a simple and intuitive adaptation using a 270 ° potentiometer.

Cylindrical throughbeam photoelectric sensor Leuze

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Meet the advantages of cylindrical photocells

Cylindrical throughbeam photoelectric sensor Leuze
  • Improved performance compared to the 412 series,
  • perfectly adapted for mounting in confined space applications where there is insufficient space for mounting M18 sensors,
  • extremely robust and compact metal housing and optical cover,
  • available high-performance laser sensor principle transmitter – receiver in a steel housing,
  • attractive price, which will allow you to use the sensor in a large number of applications.

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Cylindrical throughbeam photoelectric sensor Leuze

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