Industrial Ethernet switches for demanding applications

A variety of industrial Ethernet switches from Antaira can perform efficiently and reliably in rugged, mission-critical applications. Setup a reliable Ethernet infrastructure that features extended temperature tolerances and enclosures designed for the roughest industrial environments.

Industrial Ethernet switches for easier automation

The industrial Ethernet switches demand in industrial automation has been rising recently. Industry and process automation has been booming rapidly and becoming more and more extensive year by year. The number of sensors, activators, controllers and computers per project has been increasing.

Automation has reached a point where communication via fieldbus became a necessity. Device-to-device wiring increases costs and causes many installation problems. The future of fieldbuses is the connection of all devices with the technology that has been already well known and used in various industries, i.e. with EtherNet network protocol as a basis, together with fieldbuses such as ProfiNET, EtherCAT, Ethernet / IP …

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Tailored configuration

Industrial unmanaged Ethernet switch

Company ANTAIRA is aware of the demands of the automation market. In its wide portfolio of networking equipment, there are top-quality industrial unmanaged Ethernet switches, which are increasingly used for communication between devices.

A wide range of switches allows you to choose a configuration tailored to your specific needs.

Industrial unmanaged Ethernet switches’ features

Industrial unmanaged Ethernet switch specifications
Industrial unmanaged Ethernet switch

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Industrial unmanaged Ethernet switch

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