Better Images and Lower Price with Basler ace acA1300

PHYTON image sensors from ON Semiconductors are one of the most powerful image sensors in the field of industrial machine vision. They combine excellent image quality with high image transfer rate and are therefore very suitable for tasks such as quality control in the semiconductor industry.

Image sensor doesn’t guarantee a quality image

The image sensor alone is still no guarantee of a quality image. The quality also depends on the support of the peripheral electronics of the camera in which the sensor is built. For comparison, we took pictures of the test object with a Basler acA1300-200um camera and two other competing USB 3.0 cameras.

The same sensor, PHYTON 1300 from ON Semiconductor, was installed in all of them. The comparison showed relatively large differences in image quality, regardless of the fact that the built-in image sensor is the same.

acA1300 Basler area scan camera image

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Here are the results

acA1300 Basler area scan camera test results

The test results showed different image qualities, despite the built-in same sensor.

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acA1300 Basler area scan camera

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