IP67/IP69K safety light curtains Leuze

Safety light curtains MLC 510 from the German company Leuze, provide the highest level of IP protection – IP67 and IP69K.

Provide the highest protection

The highest protection is provided by a transparent and airtight closed housing in which the safeta light curtains are inserted. With the MLC 510 curtains you can provide a protective field of 0.3 m to 1.2 m in size with a resolution of 14 mm to 30 mm.

MLC safety light curtains Leuze differ from other light curtains on the market in that the user not only chooses between the type 2 and type 4 (MLC 500 and MLC 300), but also between three different types of operation.

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Choose the right safety light curtains

You can choose between three different models of the safety light curtains, according to their function class – Basic, Standard and Extended. This enables you the most efficient use of devices, as you can use them in simple standard applications or in complex controlled safeguarding processes.

  • start/restart
  • start / restart with mediation
  • possibility of temporary allowed access (muting)
  • possibility to turn off selected beams (blanking)
  • connecting devices (linkage)

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MLC510 safety curtains Leuze application

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