Explosion-proof safety light curtain

Explosion-proof safety light curtain MLC 520 from Leuze Eletronic is certified for use in potentially explosive areas of group II, category 3, zone 2 (gas) and zone 22 (dust). The MLC520 Ex series is an extremely sturdy type 4 safety light curtain. All models have metal protection and a flexible fastening concept, which enables easy and quick handling and integration and the most efficient use of devices from simple standard applications to complex controlled safeguarding processes.

The type 4 model for use in potentially explosive areas

The MLC 520 EX safety light curtain from Leuze Eletronic has an integrated 3-way mounting system and a large 7-segment LED display. The LED display helps you to start, as it clearly shows the correct position of the transmitter and receiver. Light curtains are available in various lengths from 600 mm to up to 1500 mm.

There are also two different resolutions available, 20 mm and 30 mm, with both models designed to protect your hands. The safety curtain corresponds to safety category 4 and is intended to safeguard the most dangerous situations.

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Benefit from increased performance

Ex safety light curtain MLC 520 Leuze

The MLC 520 EX model offers a built-in start/restart interlock (RES) and contactor monitoring (EDM) for increased performance – with very simple handling and integration.

For cases with several curtains installed in a small space, an additional serial connections of several devices with safety-related switching outputs (OSSD) is available. The curtains use infrared laser diodes and are insensitive to ambient light.

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Ex safety light curtain MLC 520 Leuze

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