Remote access via 4G network

Remote access via 4G network is suitable for applications where wired connection is not possible or does not make sense. In Tipteh we are proud to announce that we represent the Danish company Secomea.

Meet the advantages of Secomea products

Secomea specializes in the segment of remote industrial communications, which help you monitor, manage and service your equipment no matter where you are.

Their mission is to make the connection safe and simple. With Secomea’s products, we want to offer our customers a complete solution for establishing remote access to industrial devices.

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Exploit the scalability and communication options

As a leading provider of remote access solutions the Secomea Solution is Industry 4.0 certified to ensure compatibility and the Reference Architecture Model Industry 4.0 (RAMI4.0) enabled with reference to IEC/PAS 62443-3 which ensures reliable and safe use in industry.

  • Easy, fast installation and use without need for help of an IT expert
  • Secure connection verified by security standards
  • Reliable work
  • Recognised as one of the best by large industrial companies

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Remote access Secomea

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