High precision draw-wire sensors

Draw-wire sensors from Micro-Epsilon measure linear displacement using a highly flexible steel cord. These sensors feature high precision and large dynamic range. High quality of their components are the best guarantee for a long service life and high operation reliability.

Robust and universal

Draw-wire displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon measure linear movements using a highly flexible steel wire. The cable drum is attached to a sensor element which provides a displacement-proportional output signal. Measurements are performed with high accuracy and high dynamic response.

The combination of miniaturized design, large measuring ranges, robustness and low price makes the MK series special. It features the best price-quality ratio in its class. The use of high quality components guarantees a long service life and high operational reliability. These sensors can be easily tailored to your requirements as their measuring range and precision can be adjusted.

Smallness, robustness and variety of available models enable the use of the MK series in many applications, e.g., measuring of the height of lifting tables, distances on car lifts or lifting platforms and much more.

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Properties of draw-wire sensors

draw-wire sensor Micro-Epsilon MK series

Sensors of the MK series feature favorable ratio between their size and the measuring range. They are suitable for the integration into restricted installation space.

They are used in applications with large measuring ranges, from 50 mm to 50,000 mm. They can achieve a linearity of as much as 0.05% of the measuring range.

Numerous models of different draw-wire displacement sensors with different output signal types are available. Analog models feature current or resistance output. For digital models, an incremental encoder output is available.

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draw-wire sensor Micro-Epsilon MK series

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