Production automation with Vision 350 PLC controllers

Production automation is becoming an increasingly complex task nowadays. The Vision 350 controllers from Unitronics make it much easier with a wide range of built-in functions such as: self-adjusting PID loops, data tables for data logging, recipes and much more.

Exceptional performance and variety

The PLC controllers V350, like the rest of the Vision series, offer an unbeatable value for money. This gives users the ability to use the advanced functions of the PLC and HMI unit, in addition to saving time and money. The Unitronics Vision 350 PLC controllers are the smallest members of the Vision family with an integrated 3.5” color touchscreen.

Despite its small size, the compact controller offers exceptional performance and variety. Up to 1024 different screens, 6 MB images and 512 kB fonts can be used in one application. The controller can be expanded up to 512 I/Os.

Vision 350 PLC controllers Unitronics, Production automation

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Technical specifications

Vision 350 PLC controllers Unitronics, Production automation
  • I / O: on device + expansion modules
  • I / O type: Digital (including encoder inputs and PWM outputs), Analog and Temperature
  • 1 MB Logic, 6 MB image, 512 KB fonts
  • Cycle time: 15µsec / 1K classic applications
  • Up to 24 built-in PID loops, self-adjusting loops
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Recipes and data logging using Data Tables
  • 3.5 ″ 65,536 (16-bit) color touch screen, QVGA TFT screen
  • The ‘Touch’ property can be assigned to all text and graphic elements
  • Enter data with the on-screen keyboard
  • Up to 1024 user screens and 250 images per application
  • Up to 255 variable on screen
  • LCD backlit display
  • Picture library
  • Built-in alarm screens
  • Info mode: review / modification of I/O states and values ​​of variables via touch panel
  • TCP/IP via Ethernet
  • Web server: View and edit a PLC online
  • Sending emails
  • Sending SMS
  • Remote access via Remote Access™
  • Supports MODBUS protocol
  • CANbus: CANopen, UniCAN, SAE J1939 and more
  • DF1 Slave
  • COM port: 1 x RS232 / RS485; 2 expansion ports: 1 x Serial / Ethernet / Profibus and 1 x CANbus

Want to save time on development?

Unitronics PLC family

The Expansion and Snap-in I/O modules

Expansion modules for production automation
Snap-in modules for production automation

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Vision 350 PLC controllers Unitronics, Production automation

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