Laser triangulation distance sensors

The laser triangulation distance sensors belong to the group of active non-contact meters. Due to their properties, sensors from Micro-Epsilon and Leuze are especially suitable for measurement tasks in factory automation, machines and systems.

Find out where the light reflects from

Laser triangulation sensors operate with a laser diode that projects a visible light spot onto the surface of the target. The light reflected from the spot is imaged by an optical receiving system (usually a CCD receiver) onto a position-sensitive element. If the light spot changes its position, this change is imaged on the receiving element and evaluated.

At Tipteh, we represent the German manufacturers of laser triangulation sensors Micro Epsilon and Leuze electronic. Both manufacturers are considered to produce the best devices in their class.

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Measure accurately, regardless of color and structure

  • Advanced algorithms for changing the aperture in front of the CCD receiver make it possible to measure distances to objects of different colors and different surface structures
  • The sensors offer both analog (voltage or current) and digital output (RS422, Ethernet, Ethercat)
  • The sensor can be set up via the web interface, and we do not need any special settings for setting up
  • You can measure distances to objects that cause diffuse (scattered) reflection of laser light, as well as to objects that cause perfect reflection (glass, polished surfaces)

Properties of laser triangulation distance sensor

  • No object damages due to non-contact measuring
  • Powerful (but safe for the eyes) monochromatic laser, insensitive to ambient light
  • Compact housing
  • Extraordinary speed – up to 50,000 measurements/second
  • High precision – nanometer (nm) accuracy
  • Measuring ranges – from 2 mm up to 1000 mm

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Laser triangulation distance sensor

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