PLC Controllers Vision 1210/1040 Unitronics

PLC controllers from the Vision 1210/1040 series offer advanced PLCs with an elegant built-in 12.1”/10.4” graphic color touchscreen!

PLC controllers Vision 1040/1210

The Vision 1210/1040 series of PLC controllers from Unitronics offers advanced PLCs with an elegant built-in 12.1”/10.4” color graphic touchscreen! With their large and clear IP66 displays, the Vision 1210/1040 controllers are the ideal choice for the food industry.

Using expansion (Snap-In) modules, local or remote expansion (up to 1 km), use of up to 1000 input-output signals is possible. Software and technical assistance are free of charge, as it is for other Unitronics controllers.

Vision 1210/1040 PLC controllers Unitronics

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Vision 1210/1040 PLC controllers and their features

Vision 1210/1040 PLC controllers Unitronics
  • Auto-tune PID – up to 24 built-in self-adjusting PID loops.
  • Data Tables – Use the Data Tables feature for dynamic data logging and recipe storage.
  • Easy recipe switching – easily switch between recipes or menus using the buttons. This allows immediate activation of the desired process via the HMI display.
  • Image Library –Simple HMI display design with built-in image library.
  • Info Mode– long press on the screen to switch to a special mode for controlling the controller
  • Encoderinputs – 10kHz inputs for connecting high-frequency meters, frequency meters and encoders.
  • Quick outputs –control of stepper motors or PID applications with PWM outputs.
  • Virtual keyboard– easy data entry via the built-in virtual keyboard.

I/O: on PLC + expansion modules

I/O options including high-speed, temperature & weight measurement

Auto-tune PID, up to 24 independent loops

Recipe programs and datalogging via Data Tables

Micro SD card – log, backup, clone & more

Date & Time-based control

  • Up to 1024 user screens
  • 500 images per application
  • HMI graphs – color-code Trends
  • Built-in alarm screens
  • Text String Library – easy localization
  • Memory and communication monitoring via HMI – No PC needed
  • TCP/IP via Ethernet
  • GSM/GPRS/SMS messaging
  • Remote access utilities
  • MODBUS protocol support
  • Web server: Use built-in HTML pages, or design complex to view and edit PLC data via the Internet
  • COM door: 2 x RS232/RS485; 1 USB programming port: 1 x Serial/Ethernet, 1 x CANbus

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Programmable Logic Controllers Vision1210/1040 Unitronics

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