Ethernet switches for stable ProfiNet

SPIDER III family of industrial unmanaged Ethernet switches from Hirschmann are affordable industrial network switches for reliable transmission of large amounts of data across any distance. Take advantage of plug-and-play capabilities of these switches for quick installation and startup and maximize uptime.

Achieve reliability in extreme environments

Leading industrial communication equipment manufacturer Hirschmann presents the Spider III unmanaged switches Ethernet family. These are affordable industrial network switches designed for reliable operation in extreme environments, compliant with the requirements of specific standards and certificates, and suitable for reliable ProfiNet communication.

The SPIDER III Standard Line series are designed for reliable operation in harsh conditions and for applications where the EtherNet switch management is not required. High data throughput is achieved by Gigabit data speeds, while fiber communication options (RJ45, DSC, ST, SFP) ensure long-term scalability. Small size saves space in tight areas while the Plug and Play system makes installation simple and fast.  With low power consumption and with PoE+, these switches reduce overall lifecycle costs and increase performance.

Spider III-PL Ethernet switches Hirschmann

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Built to withstand extreme industrial environments

Spider III-PL Ethernet switches Hirschmann application

The SPIDER III Premium Line switches expand on the benefits of the Standard Line offerings by adding configurable switch functionality typically only found in managed switches.

These switches meet a wider range of specific certificates, standards and approvals, for broader deployment in a wide range of industrial, transport and marine applications. Amongst other, they meet the requirements of PROFINET class A compliance and the requirements of operation in zone 2 according to the ATEX directive.

Learn the advantages of the SPIDER III Premium Line

Using the Quality of Service (QoS) function, the available bandwidth is given priority to protocols or users who are critical to the operation of the system. With the latter function, the switch is suitable for PROFINET CC-A compliant applications.

Network loop prevention mechanism (Broadcast Storm); when the system is overloaded with continuous excessive traffic, the device limits the traffic and thus prevents the system from collapsing,

Automatic setting of matching Ethernet parameters of connected devices (Auto-Negotiation, Speed, Duplex Mode), to avoid non-functioning under incorrect settings (duplex mismatch),

Individual inactive ports can be turned off, to prevent unwanted traffic,

Redundant power supply and status control of individual ports,

Management of large packages (jumbo frames) to increase efficiency,

Overload protection, withholds high traffic and thus prevents the loss of packages,

Physical layer energy saving (OSI model) when there is no data transfer,

Improved easy management and configuration via USB.

Spider III-PL network switches Hirschmann

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Spider III-PL Ethernet switches Hirschmann features

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Spider III-PL Ethernet switches Hirschmann

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