PLC controller Vision 430 with a 4.3″ touchscreen

 PLC controller Vision 430 from Unitronics is an award-winning series of controllers with elegant 4.3” touchscreen HMI panel with five function keys. Like the entire Vision family, it allows you a wide range of functions, storing and reading data from SD cards, the ability to expand to 512 I/Os, 24 self-adjusting PID loops and more. Programmable Logic Controller V430 can be programmed directly via a mini-USB interface, or remotely via GPRS/GSM/CDMA networks, using the free VisiLogic software.

Check out the PLC controller V430 general features

  • I/O: on device +  expansion modules
  • I/O type: Digital (also encoder inputs and PWM outputs), Analog and Temperature
  • 1 MB Logical part, 12 MB images, 512 KB fonts
  • Cycle time: 15 µsec/1 K classic applications
  • Up to 24 built-in PID loops, self-adjusting loops
  • Micro SD card
  • Recipes and data logging using Data Tables

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PLC Vision430 Unitronics

Other features worth checking out

PLC Vision430 Unitronics
  • 4.3 ″ 65,536 (16-bit) color touchscreen, TFT, LCD screen
  • The ‘Touch’ property can be assigned to all text and graphic elements
  • Enter data with the on-screen keyboard
  • Up to 1024 user screens and 250 images per application
  • Up to 255 variable on screen
  • LCD backlit display
  • Picture library
  • Built-in alarm screens
  • Info mode: review/modification of I/O states and values ​​of variables via panel
  • TCP/IP via Ethernet
  • Web server: View and edit a PLC online
  • Sending emails
  • Sending SMS
  • Remote access via Remote Access
  • Supports MODBUS protocol
  • CANbus: CANopen, UniCAN, SAE J1939 and more
  • DF1 Slave
  • COM port: 1 x RS232/RS485, 1 x USB for programming; 2 expansion ports: 1 x Serial/Ethernet/Profibus and 1 x CANbus
  • Autotune PID – up to 24 built-in self-adjusting PID loops.
  • Data Tables – Use the Data Tables feature for dynamic data logging and recipe storage.
  • Easy recipe switching – easily switch between recipes or menus using the buttons. This allows immediate activation of the desired process via the HMI display.
  • Image Library – Simple HMI display design with built-in image library
  • Info Mode – long press on the screen to switch to a special mode for controlling the controller
  • Encoderinputs – 10 kHz inputs for connecting high-frequency counters and encoders.
  • Fast outputs –control of stepper motors or PID applications with PWM outputs.
  • Virtual keyboard– easy data entry via the built-in virtual keyboard.

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