The fastest handheld barcode readers

The DataMan 8050 series is designed from the ground up for all handheld applications in the harshest industrial environments. Take advantage of its high-speed barcode reading of difficult 1-D and 2-D label-based codes and challenging 2-D industrial DPM codes.

Handheld reader for the toughest conditions

The DataMan 8050 Series handheld readers are equipped with a state-of-the-art barcode reading algorithms and designed to withstand the most demanding industrial conditions. They can quickly and easily decode even the most challenging Direct Park Mark (DPM) codes.

The flexible modular design provides you with the possibility to change the method of communication without changing the reader itself. Dataman 8050 has built-in low-angle lighting for the reliabe reading of DPM codes.

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Meet the DataMan 8050 Series

barcode readers Cognex DataMan 8050

DataMan 8050 and DataMan 8050X models’ features:

  • Image sensor:  752 × 480 global shutter
  • Algorithms: 2DQuick, 1DMax + Hotbars (DataMan 8050) and 2DMax, 1DMax + Hotbars (DataMan 8050X)
  • Trigger:  manual (button) or presentation
  • Lens:  fixed
  • Lighting:  integrated LED with near/far optics
  • Communications:  RS-232, USB-CDC and USB-HID
  • Dimensions:  210 mm x 155 mm x 85 mm

The DataMan 8050 is designed to read complex 1-D and basic 2-D codes

Need to read demanding 2D or DPM codes?

DataMan 8050X/8050HDX barcode readers are equipped with world-class Cognex barcode reading algorithms and designed to decode 2-D direct part mark codes (DPM) and difficult to read 1-D and 2-D label-based codes quickly and easily.

These rugged, industrial readers decode 2-D DPM, such as dot peen and laser marked codes, as well as challenging 1-D and 2-D barcodes quickly and easily.

barcode readers Cognex DataMan 8050

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barcode readers Cognex DataMan 8050

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