Contrast sensor KRT 18B for reliable color mark detection

KRT 18B contrast sensor from Leuze combines easy handling via permanent signal indicators, reliable color mark detection and large function reserve. It is also available with an analog output for particularly demanding mark detection in packaging processes.

When flexibility meets usability

In many packaging processes, color marks must be reliably detected on film, bag and blister packaging or on labels. At the same time, high flexibility, durability and wide usability of the sensor is expected.

With its extremely easy handling, automatic sensitivity readjustment and an integrated dual-channel IO-Link interface, the KRT 18B is ideally equipped to meet
these requirements. Moreover, its compact metal housing predestines it both for use in confined spaces and in applications with stringent demands on hygiene.

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6 contrast sensor models for optimum solution

  • Standard: basic version for simple applications
  • Teach: version for universal use, with added LED display for easier adjustment of switching point
  • Multiturn potentiometer: version for manual optimization, with potentiometer for precise switching point setting
  • Tracking: version for maximum availability with difficult marks that has a built-in function to automatically change sensitivity
  • Speed: version for precise positioning with fast processes due to shorter response time (22.5 µs) and higher switching frequency (22 kHz)
  • Analog: version with analog output, for signal evaluation in the PLC

Main features of the contrast sensor

A clearly visible bar graph signal indicator on the rear side of the sensor allows you to easily and quickly set the switching point. There are two versions of the sensor available: the one with two teach buttons for mark and background and the other with multiturn potentiometer and bar graph for intuitive adjustment.

Automatic sensitivity adaptation function, i.e., tracking control. The function automatically adjusts the sensitivity of the sensor, thus making the sensor more robust and less sensitive to dust that accumulates on the non-optical parts of the sensor. This means significantly increased availability even with faded marks and reduced downtimes owing to contrast variations.

The sensor has integrated three-color technology (red, green, blue). During the setting of the sensor, you can automatically select the appropriate LED color, which enables you the maximum contrast between the mark and the background. Consequently the sensor becomes even more robust and universal.

contrast sensor Leuze krt18b

Examples of use from industry

contrast sensor Leuze krt18b application
contrast sensor Leuze krt18b application
contrast sensor Leuze krt18b application

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contrast sensor Leuze krt18b

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