ATEX ultrasonic level sensors

ATEX ultrasonic sensors RUU from Turck are expanded by 3GD models for use in Ex zones 2 and 22.

ATEX ultrasonic level sensors

ATEX ultrasonic sensors with ranges of 40 cm, 130 cm, 300 cm or 600 cm are ideally suited for fill level applications in tanks or feeders. Their rust-proof and acid resistant surface made from stainless steel (1.4403) is also resistant to aggressive media.

Turck offers five variants of the sensors in all: Two M18 devices with 40 cm or 130 cm ranges and three sensors in M30 housings with 130 cm, 300 cm or 600 cm ranges. All sensors are already provided with ATEX and IEC-EX approvals – FM and CSA approval will follow.

ATEX ultrasonic sensors Turck

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Configure with ease

ATEX ultrasonic sensors Turck in app

The new RUU/3GD sensors are provided with switching and analog output, as well as IO-Link interface. The user can choose between diffuse mode and opposed mode as well as between an N/C or N/O switching output via  IO-Link or a teach button.

The easily configurable operating modes, the short blind zones and the large measuring ranges of the sensors effectively reduce the number of variants required in stock. The blind zone of the RU40U/3GD, for example, is only 2.5 cm with a 40 cm range.

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