EX safety switches for temperatures of up to -60 °C

EX safety switches Steute are designed to handle harsh environmental conditions, which have a major impact on the durability and functionality of switchgear.

EX safety switches for harsh environments

Extreme heat or cold, dust, humidity, water, indoor or outdoor use, explosion and corrosion resistance – there are many conditions where standard switchgear will not work or will cause undesirable faults.

The EX safety switches from Steute are designed for use in many industries and technologies, e.g. in ore, oil, gas and chemical industries, ship and port, water/wastewater technologies.

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Ready for harsh environments

EX safety switches Steute

In harsh environments, the Steute family of explosion-proof, safety position switches Ex 97 prove their exceptional properties. Through their unique design and the use of innovative materials they have been adapted to function safely and reliably in extreme conditions and they can withstand temperatures of up to -60 degrees Celsius.

They have Ex certifications for Zones 1 and 2 (gas) and 21 and 22 (dust). As safety switches with positively controlled contacts, they achieve a degree of protection up to PLe or SIL3.

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Ex safety switches Steute

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