Low Voltage Switchgear from Benedict

 Benedict GmbH produces and develops high quality low voltage switchgear. It is manufactured and tested according to valid international specifications.

Benefit from reliable and safe switchgear

Benedict is a world known producer of switchgear, designed for the operation in extreme conditions and well known for their high reliability.

All their low voltage switchgear is manufactured and tested according to valid international specifications such as VDE, BS as well as to IEC recommendations and European Standards like IEC 947 and EN 60947. Therefore, their low-voltage switchgear can be used worldwide.

Benedict Low Voltage Switchgear

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Benedict switchgear main switches


  • ON/OFF Emergency-Stop switches
  • ON/OFF DC Switches for Photovoltaic
  • DIN rail, Base or Panel Mounting
  • With Door Clutch
  • Multi-lock handles offer highest security
  • In compact plastic enclosure
  • Different designs and combinations
  • Additional equipment
Benedict switchgear CAM switches


  • ON/OFF AC Switches
  • ON/OFF DC Switches for Photovoltaic
  • DIN rail, Base or Panel Mounting
  • With Door Clutch
  • Changeover switches
  • Star-Delta switches
  • Multi speed switches
  • Control switches
  • Additional equipment
Benedict switchgear push buttons


  • Push Buttons-Sets
  • Emmergency stop Buttons
  • Double Push Buttons
  • Rotary Knobs and Swing Knobs
  • Key Operated Rotary Switches
  • Contact blocks and Lamp Holders
  • Assembled command equipment
  • Lamps, Accessories
Benedict switchgear circuit breakers


  • Manual Motor Protection
  • Versions with Switch
  • Versions with Rotary Knob
  • In compact plastic enclosure
  • Additional equipment
Benedict switchgear manual motor starters


  • Manual Start Switches
  • Auxiliary Contact Blocks
  • Shunt Release
  • Under voltage Release
  • Compact Enclosures
  • Accessories
Benedict switchgear contactors


  • Micro Contactors
  • Mini Contactors
  • Contactor Relays
  • Capacitor Switching Contactors
  • Reversing Contactors
  • DC-Switching Contactors for Photovoltaic
  • Modular Contactors
  • Star-Delta Starters
  • Pole Changing Starters
  • O.L. Starters
  • Auxiliary Contact Blocks
  • Thermal Overload Relays
  • Additional equipment

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Benedict Low Voltage Switchgear

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