Infrared pyrometer Micro Epsilon

An infrared pyrometer or thermometer is a sophisticated modern sensor for measuring temperature in research and industry.

Measure temperatures up to 400 °C

An infrared pyrometer or thermometer is a sophisticated modern sensor for measuring temperature in research and industry. The operation of infrared pyrometers is based on the fact that each body radiates in the infrared spectrum, and the radiation depends on temperature and material.

Top manufacturer of sensor equipment Micro Epsilon now offers you an attractively priced version of the thermoMETER CS infrared pyrometer.

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Measure temperature quickly and reliably

Infrared pyrometer Micro Epsilon thermoMETER CS

The pyrometer enables non-contact temperature measurement. However, this is useful and important especially where, due to high temperatures, measurement with other methods is not possible.

At the same time, the measurement with an infrared thermometer is extremely fast compared to classical methods and it usually takes between 1 ms and 100 ms. An important feature of pyrometers is also a very small measuring range, as this can be as small as 0.45 mm.

Meet the components of the infrared sensor

Each pyrometer consists of the following main components:

  • an input lens that determines the size of the measuring range,
  • infrared radiation sensor,
  • signal amplifier,
  • display.
Infrared pyrometer Micro Epsilon thermoMETER CS

Use infrared pyrometer to measuree heat of all materials

CompactConnect software

The Micro Epsilon CS infrared pyrometer is designed to measure temperatures from -40 ° C to 400 ° C, which measures infrared radiation with a wavelength of 8 to 14µm. This means that it is suitable for measuring the temperature of all common materials used in the industry.

The pyrometer has an analog voltage output, and a version with a thermocouple output is also available. Included with the infrared pyrometer, you will also receive CompactConnect software, which will allow you to save the measured results, graphical analysis of the measurement and also set the parameters of the pyrometer itself.

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