DALI 2.0 Digital Dimming LED Driver

MEAN WELL‘s LCM/PWM-DA2 Series digital dimming LED driver, that comply with DALI 2.0 regulations, provides simple setting, open system, and high compatibility of your lighting control system. You can also use it for emergency lighting (EL) applications.

Take advantage of simple setting and high compatibility

DALI 2.0 is a standardized protocol (IEC 62386) for lighting control in industry, which improves and completes the overall DALI lighting system. Digital lighting enables lighting control to set up easily and reduce the cost and working time of rewiring.

World’s leading manufacturer of LED power supplies, MEAN WELL, has added DALI 2.0 compliant models to its range of digital dimmable LED drivers. Use the LCM-DA2 and PWM-DA2 series to easily set up your lighting control, reduce your energy costs and save wiring time.

DALI 2.0 Digital Dimming LED Driver Mean Well

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Control lighting in a wide range of applications

With all models of digital dimming LED drivers from the LCM-DA2 and PWM-DA2 series, you can very easily operate many functions of a wide range of LED lights.

You can use them to control Indoor, Commercial, Office, as well as Decorative Ligting. You can also include a DALI 2.0 third-party devices (eg., wall switches, light sensors).

Two series of Digital Dimming LED Drivers

The C.C mode LCM series has built-in DIP-SWITCH function, providing multiple current adjustable functions. The adjustable output current reduces the number of models for different LED modules. LCM series also features a Push dimming function and an optional wall rocker switch.

In addition, C.V mode PWM series can be applied to 12 V/24 V and 48 V for LED light strips. You can easily install both constant current and constant voltage luminaires at the same project.

DALI 2.0 Digital Dimming LED Driver Mean Well

Comply to many regulations

DALI 2.0 Digital Dimming LED Driver compliance

DALI 2.0 LCM and PWM LED driver series not only comply with international safety certification but also with IEC62386-101/102/207 and 251 functions. Moreover, these series also comply with EN61347-2-13 for emergency lighting applications.

This allows you to combine the emergency lighting system to extend the product application range. As the DC House concept with DC lighting application is promoted, these series can be used with DC 380 V, supporting diverse applications.

 Check out DALI 2.0 LED drivers’ features

  • Constant Current output and adjustable by dip switch (LCM series)
  • Constant Voltage output with 12 V/24 V/48 V (PWM series)
  • Plastic housing and class II design without FG
  • Flicker free design
  • Built-in active PFC function and Efficiency up to 92 %
  • Dimming functions: DALI 2.0 and Push dim. (LCM series)
  • Surge protection with 2 KV (L-N)
  • Protections: Short circuit/Over voltage/Over temperature/Over load
DALI 2.0 Digital Dimming LED Driver Mean Well

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Digitalni zatemnilni LED napajalniki Mean Well DALI 2.0

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