Basler boost CXP for reliable control in production and logistics

The Basler boost series offers six new models of CXP cameras with excellent image quality, thanks to sensors from the XGS ON Semiconductor series. Take advantage of cameras for all applications that require high resolution, fast image capture and high accuracy with a large field of view. With them e.g. provide extremely reliable quality control of your products in production or check a large number of different codes in logistics.

Capture high-resolution images quickly

The Boost series of CXP cameras from Basler is a great choice for applications that require fast, high-resolution image capture and long-distance data transfer.

Basler is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality imaging components that can be used in a wide range of applications in the fields of factory automation, logistics, retail and robotics. Their products convince you with exceptional reliability, excellent value for money and long-term availability.

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Choose the right model for your application

Basler Boost CXP Cameras

Basler boost CXP cameras are an ideal alternative to applications that have required a Camera Link or CoaXPress 1.1 (CPX-6) connection in the past. The Basler Boost CXP series of cameras with CoaXPress 2.0 interface (CXP-12) has been expanded with six models with a high resolution of 20/32/45 MP , with mono and color sensors of the XGS series from ON Semiconductor.

In addition, they complemented the existing range of these cameras with tested Sony Pregius IMX255 (9 MP) and IMX253 (12 MP) sensors.

Ensure exceptional images quality

The new models of Basler boost CXP cameras with powerful CMOS sensors with global shutter technology allow you to capture high-resolution images at speeds of up to 45 frames per second, without distortion.

Unlike older CCD sensors, the high-resolution XGS sensors provide you with exceptional image quality at an unreasonably fast capture at a competitive price.


Transfer data at lightning speed

High resolution and image capture speed are provided by the CXP 2.0 interface, currently one of the fastest data interfaces, with a data transfer capacity of <12.5 Gb per second. It provides you with reliable data transmission up to a distance of 40 meters and simultaneous powering and triggering of cameras using only one coaxial cable.

With it, you will reliably synchronize multiple low-latency cameras in sync and make it easier to set up a machine vision system for demanding image processing applications.

Exceptional reliability for a wide range of applications

The Basler boost CXP camera series is the ideal choice for your applications, in which reliable product control and detection of even the smallest errors is essential. These high-resolution cameras are used mainly in the production of semiconductors, photovoltaics, electronic circuits, screens, in the automotive industry and many other places.

The advantages of high resolution and fast image capture are also welcome in logistics, where you need fast and reliable capture of a large number of diverse bar and other codes in a larger field of view.


Simplified integration and affordable price

Basler Boost CXP Cameras

The Basler boost Bundle set includes a camera from the boost CXP series and an associated interface card, supported on both Windows and Linux operating systems. By using the set, you achieve a tested, optimal and coordinated communication between the components. In addition to significantly simplified integration, you can also take advantage of an extremely favorable price-performance ratio.

We also offer the corresponding original accessories: data cables, compatible lenses and adapters with C, F and M42 mounts, and suitable lighting for various machine vision applications.

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Basler Boost CXP Cameras

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